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Offer a gift finding service with the magic of programming and affiliate links

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Zinc is a miracle that can prevent Coronavirus and Rhinovirus. Zinc up.

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Offer a trade management system. Trust me, they need it.

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Let people tip each other. A much needed site.

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Start a micro market.

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Perfect site for a print on demand sock store

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A much needed service in the marketing industry.

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Build a niche store around this exact search keyword term

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Start a web channel for kids

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An incredible collection of viral content.

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Businesses for sale but shorter. Easy top search engine ranking.

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The next great digital watch

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An automated, artificially intelligent Enterprise Resource Planning system with alpha goal setting.

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Rehab dentists don't have time for promotion. Start a list of recommended dentists.

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Sell the best wrinkle creams out there.

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A great brandable dating site.

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A bigger market than we thought...

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A fun brand name for summer products.

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A great site to start a subscription service for flushable wipes. (once you try them you can't go back)

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Dual photo duels?

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People out there deserve awards.

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