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The medical pipe market isn't getting any smaller that's for sure.

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An absolute gem for the next news mogul.

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A great site to start an AI-based online medical scan service

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A great place for a push notification service.

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Start a licensed or royalty video service.

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Online support 24/7/365

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Remote car starting site

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High traffic and highly discussed new product opportunity!

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Max Planck, the father of future inventions

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An nice brandable name for the fitness industry

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Great site to start a limited calorie snack service

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The theory of everything is that all things come from two things... or you know... you can make up your own.

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Obviously the perfect site for retirement fund or a funnel for several funds.

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People out there deserve awards.

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Great site to start a monthly subscription service for STEM kits.

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A great site to find the drugs you need.

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Relax a bit and start a gardening forum.

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Girls just want to wine and shop. Amirite?

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Great start for an advertising arbitrage site.

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There's a huge market for HR friendly gifts.

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