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Just a lil golf fund for the unfortunate ones that can't get out anymore...

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Zinc is a miracle that can prevent Coronavirus and Rhinovirus. Zinc up.

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All data is stored in data tables. Own the database industry.

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Sell cell phone cases

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Replace online advertising with tips maybe?

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Girl you have got to try these thin puffs!

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A great site for micro transactions.

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Mmmmmm.. treats that are good for your soul.

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Start a fresh from the farm grocery service!

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Start a service to get paid for views. Ad views, page views, video views?

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The copack pantry. A supply chain marvel.

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Learn how to earn $500 online within 15 days or so it said.

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A great place for a push notification service.

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Sell your own girls hair bows and men's bow ties. Instant fashionado status

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Fancy a date with your mate?

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The number one keyword for an exploding industry

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An absolute gem for the next news mogul.

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Buy fans for Instagram and other social media sites

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A great site to offer a service that pays for reviews.

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Link a bunch of blockchains together and what do you get?

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