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Wrapping service, food wraps, beach wraps, your call.

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Start a service or review site for market trading tools.

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Go Bitcoin! Go Bitcoin!

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Obviously the perfect site for retirement fund or a funnel for several funds.

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Online betting is becoming more mainstream. Capitalize now.

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Great 3D printing site. Provide 3d print files and dropship real parts!

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Alphabet soup with a twist

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A fun brand name for summer products.

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An ultra-premium women's clothing brand

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Sounds like funnel... looks like fun.

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This would be a great app for new offers linked to affiliate accounts.

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In the end this will be the only digital coin.

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Start a service to train models for neural nets... or just tips to help actual models?

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A great site for a niche book store.

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An absolute gem for the next news mogul.

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Start an ebook or service to learn how to get web traffic to your site.

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Twitter better watch out...

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The copack pantry. A supply chain marvel.

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Package domains, websites, marketing and products for a ready to go business startup kit.

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Perfect site for the next hot chef.

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