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Great site to start a monthly subscription service for STEM kits.

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Alphabet soup with a twist

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Sounds like funnel... looks like fun.

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There's a huge market for HR friendly gifts.

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A great site to start a subscription service for flushable wipes. (once you try them you can't go back)

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Max Planck, the father of future inventions

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Have you heard this ad on the radio? How often do you listen to the radio? Etc.

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A perfect site to loan money.

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Stem cell collection service. An exploding market.

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AI is now upgrading low grade film from the 19th century to colorized 8k quality. This is a perfect site for that...

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A great site to start a perfume or designer brand.

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A perfect domain for wine accessories

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The perfect music brand

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Link a bunch of blockchains together and what do you get?

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Rehab doctors don't have time for promotion. Start a list of recommended doctors.

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A defunct project for an electronic medical record web app... EMRald.

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A great brandable dating site.

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The hands free lawnmower.

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