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Instant quotes for car insurance is the most wanted keyword in the industry.

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Great start for an advertising arbitrage site.

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A marketplace to help protect yourself and your property.

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AI is now upgrading low grade film from the 19th century to colorized 8k quality. This is a perfect site for that...

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A fun brand name for summer products.

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Relax a bit and start a gardening forum.

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Make sites with this simplified application interface.

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Perfect site for a print on demand shirt store

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A great site to start an AI-based online medical scan service

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Girl you have got to try these thin puffs!

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Learn how to earn $500 online within 15 days or so it said.

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Dropshipping is massively popular online. Be THE drop ship supplier.

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A perfect site for a cross between Tumblr and Bumble

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Half a million house cats. Surely these people need mugs.

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The #1 place to get your life insurance policies

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Start a site with photo contests since everyone has a camera.

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A great start for an ultra premium tactical supply site.

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Start a service to train models for neural nets... or just tips to help actual models?

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