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Start a service employing manager assistants... or you know... artificially intelligent bots

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The medical pipe market isn't getting any smaller that's for sure.

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Ladies of the phone some say.

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Offer commissions opportunities

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Live sellers selling things live.

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$100 per click search engine keyword.

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Perfect for a file hosting site

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Perfect for a real estate site.

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CPC ads, or cost per click ads, is a prime advertising industry keyword

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Share your diet formula!

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Twitter better watch out...

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Online support 24/7/365

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Start a regional hiring marketplace

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Start a service or review site for market trading tools.

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Girl you have got to try these thin puffs!

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Start a web channel for kids

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Some guy out there thinks this is a good idea...

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All the big lottos. Maybe some small ones. Maybe some exclusive ones?

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Just makeup? No... the hottest online industry

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