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Let people tip each other. A much needed site.

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Start a service to train models for neural nets... or just tips to help actual models?

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A perfect site for film industry news and videos.

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Great opportunity to grow a financial audience.

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Start a unique baby bottle drop shipping service!

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An incredible collection of viral content.

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There's a huge market for HR friendly gifts.

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A perfect site to loan money.

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Start a service employing manager assistants... or you know... artificially intelligent bots

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Start a licensed or royalty video service.

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An absolutely incredible opportunity to help every industry.

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Perfect site for a print on demand mug store

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Be a quitter and help others quit!

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Dropshipping is massively popular online. Be THE drop ship supplier.

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A nice brandable search engine.

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CPC ads, or cost per click ads, is a prime advertising industry keyword

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Live sellers selling things live.

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Perfect site for an interface designer or design firm.

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