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A great opportunity to build a financial community.

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Just a lil golf fund for the unfortunate ones that can't get out anymore...

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Offer royalties for every industry. Books, music, etc...

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$180 per click search engine keyword. A truly incredible opportunity for the future.

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A great site to let people shop outlets online

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Obviously the perfect site for retirement fund or a funnel for several funds.

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The perfect site for the phone repair market.

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Build a niche store around this exact search keyword term

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Live sellers selling things live.

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Rehab doctors don't have time for promotion. Start a list of recommended doctors.

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Start a site with photo contests since everyone has a camera.

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Great start for an advertising arbitrage site.

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A great site for programming development and database support.

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Perfect site for the next hot chef.

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Pin some interesting things.

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$100 per click search engine keyword.

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There's a huge market for HR friendly gifts.

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