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Half a million house cats. Surely these people need vacations.

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Rich Jerk 2.0 - The Reboot

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Perfect for a file hosting site

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Online video conferencing or social network for big families.

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The no diet diet.. it's all the rage

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Step 1 - Build, Step 2 - ???, Step 3 - Profit!

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Start a fresh from the farm grocery service!

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If you sell something online chances are you've paid for a PPC ad.

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The most wanted poker site for rapid fire one-on-one action.

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Easily the best bar on the west coast.

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An incredible collection of viral content.

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Buy and sell expired domain names.

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A double entendre for a small island and an actual key. Ahhh just forget it.

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Rehab doctors don't have time for promotion. Start a list of recommended doctors.

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All the big lottos. Maybe some small ones. Maybe some exclusive ones?

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Girl you have got to try these thin puffs!

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Run the early morning stock game with this gem.

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Start your own book publishing site!

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A perfect site for a lead generation service.

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Buy and sell websites and domains.

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Cashbase is the future of finance. Start a cross between CashApp and Coinbase, two of the most valuable fintech companies today.

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