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A double entendre for a small island and an actual key. Ahhh just forget it.

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A perfect domain for wine accessories

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Start a service to get paid for views. Ad views, page views, video views?

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Babies need suits too

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A great domain for a Twitter bot.. or many twitterbots...

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A cloud hosting gem

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Online training site

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A perfect site for a cross between Tumblr and Bumble

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Half a million house cats. Surely these people need vacations.

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Print on demand mugs

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A perfect site for a lead generation service.

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A site to speak bluntly

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A great site for great knives.

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Hello, what's your emergency?

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Quick local delivery gigs.

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Rehab doctors don't have time for promotion. Start a list of recommended doctors.

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Yes, THE Apple Car

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Yes, let's. 1.39 BILLION search results. The #1 keyword. It's more than just a job, it's logic and critical thinking.

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